Sunday, November 13, 2011

How much will it cost to repair Peugeot 306 (X) electrics?

I have a Peugeot 306 (X) and I think the electrics may need repairing - the indicators and lights don't work, but the car starts, runs fine and the electric windows, CD player and wipers work fine. It may just be the indicator stick next the drivers wheel that needs replacing/fitting properly. If I took it to a garage to be repaired, what price should I be looking at and willing to accept. Thanks.|||I wouldn't bother spending more than a hundred maybe two hundred quid on it because otherwise you may end up spending more than the car is worth. I don't think it will cost that much however but the problem with electronics though is that you simply cannot diagnose what the actual problem is without seeing the car in front of you. It could well be just a fuse which costs pennies (in parts and should take about ten seconds to fix), it could be one of the little box components which costs a fiver or so (in parts but identifying it may be tricky if you cannot see a melted component), or it could be that you have degraded wiring all throughout the car which would be much more expensive. My best guess would be a fuse for your lights which is easy enough to fix on your own but a garage will do for next to nothing.|||if i remember rightly the light switch is on the indicator stalk %26amp; it is quite common for them to play up. it is not a hard job to change the switch. i would google "find a part" and get a second hand one. if i was replacing it i would charge no more than 3/4 hour

good luck|||Which lights don't work? Do the Hazards work?

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